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Episode 3: Tell-Tale Heart

Our new episode is an audio reading of Edgar Allan Poe's classic, The Tell-Tale Heart.!


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Full Moon



Live Release: 10/23/20

The Tell-Tale Heart

Full Moon



Release: 8/25/19

Goal Fear / Fear of Failure

Full Moon



Release: 8/18/19

4 Flaws of Humanity


The Host

(aka: the ego stroke)

I'm Amber, I host this little internet speck you've stumbled upon. I write stuff. Then I read it out loud. Sometimes I smash sounds on top of the read-alouds. Once it's done or I've hit a made-up deadline I've set for myself I release it into the internet void to see what happens. 

It will either echo endlessly into the nothing, or it will reverberate in your ear holes. Hopefully what you hear will tickle your feels or enrage your discussion fingers to be civil or YELL AT ME IN CAPS!


Emotions are good no matter the flavor.  

Either way, I'm trying this new thing called creating for myself. If you know me, you know how important a step that is. If you don't yet know me - well, I look forward to introducing myself. 


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